The Ten Stages are studied recovery.They are a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back

Dissociation—being split-off from part or all of our emotions, inner truth, or history—is lauded in our troubled world as health. Families love chil- dren who do not cry or whine, but achieve or feign happiness in spite of their misery. People who are dissociated are often con dent, strong, and sure of themselves, because they lean on a totally false self, and lack the conscious feelings which invariably block this falsity. These people often look like the healthiest of all, and in the sickest social environments they rise to the top—and become leaders. They are often praised for their skill, power, and enlightenment, though in reality they are just mimicking a truly healed person. The truly healed person has earned his connection with his true self, and thus his enlightenment is not false, his con dence not built on sand, his leadership not built on corruption, and his motives conscious and pure—to his depths.